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We are growing our network of agents are actively adding new agents. To learn more about our products and program give us a call at (855) 966-1111 or email us at and we will contact you.

We recruit licensed agents and non-licensed agents. If you want to learn more about our non-licensed agent program please give us a call.

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The Best Provider for Your Final Expense Policies

We understand that you have many options for final expense life insurance policies for your clients. We made an effort to create an overall package that will give you the best opportunity to sell final expense policies to your clients.

Here are specific products and features we created that add value to the client and make the sale of a final expense policy easier, more enjoyable, and more profitable for you and the client:

Tools to Build Your Business

  • Non-licensed agents – you can benefit from the ability to bring non-licensed agents under your management and organization.  This is particularly beneficial when you wish to incent a referral source, group, or other organization that assists you in bringing new business to American Century Life.  A good example can be a funeral home – by bringing the funeral directors as non-licensed agents under you, they can now sell more products and get compensated directly by American Century for all their sales.
  • One source for all final expense needs – with American Century you have a full set of final expense products you can offer a client. From whole life policy for people in good health, to the flexible whole life, to limited pay and limited pay with increasing benefits options, and annuities. It almost guarantees that when you meet with clients who are interested in final expense solution you will have a quality product they can purchase to fulfill their needs. Knowing you can have a solution with one company gives you a piece of mind and present you better in front of the client.
  • Training resources – American Century made it a priority to provide agents with resources to help build their business and improve their sales skills. Once you get appointed with us you will have access to all those resources in our on-line Learning Center and Sales Tools. In addition, you will have access to our marketing team that has decades of experience in the final expense market and in working with agents and funeral homes to build their business.

Save Your Clients Money

It is always easier to get clients’ attention if, in addition to the important life insurance product, you can demonstrate to them that they will save substantial amount of money with the policy you offer them. Here are three ways you can save your clients money with American Century Products:

  • Funeral Items Catalog – this catalog offers clients to pre-order funeral items such as caskets, urns, monuments, and flowers at wholesale prices. When a death claim is files with American Century the provider will ship the items directly to their funeral home of choice within 24 hours.
    This service will save your clients over $5,000 on their funeral costs. It effectively reduces their premium rate by 30-50%.
  • Mexico Burial and Transport Service – some clients who relocated to Texas from Mexico would like to be buried in their home country. American Century makes it available for them to pre-order the burial service in Mexico including transportation (check details under “Special Benefits”).
  • Prescription Discount Card – all new policy holders of American Century receives with their policy a Prescription Discount card. For people without insurance the card will save on average 30-35% of the prescription costs. For many people that use prescription drugs these savings can pay for the policy.

Provide More Flexibility to Your Clients

  • Flexible Payment Options – American Century offers a variety of options to assist a policy owner in paying for their insurance policy.  We recognize that many individuals do not have bank accounts or credit cards.  We allow policy owners to pay by (1) bank draft, (2) credit cards, (3) debit card, (4) any other card with a Visa or MasterCard logo on it, (4) check or money order, or (5) direct monthly billing to the client.
  • Affordable final expense policy – pre-need policies are limited pay products and, therefore, have a relatively high monthly payment. Many people cannot afford those policies. Our whole life policy offers a much lower monthly payment. That allows more people to purchase a policy and, many times, for a higher coverage.
  • Limited pay without a funeral plan – pre-need policies are a combination of a limited pay policy and a funeral plan. It is a great product, but ties the client to a funeral home and a funeral plan. In case a person moves to another town, wants to change the funeral plan, or just wants to use another service provider they may have difficulties. With American Century limited pay policy the client separates the life insurance policy from the funeral plan. It provides them more flexibility in the future and keep their options open while having a source to fund the funeral.
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