Free Will


A Will is a critical document for every individual and family.

The reason it is so important is that in case of an unexpected death the assets of the deceased will be transferred and split according to state and federal laws rather than the way the deceased person what have liked to transfer and split them.

There may also be tax imposed on your estate in certain situations and for the benefit of your family you would want to make sure those are minimized.

To help you with creating a Will, American Century has made available to you and your family a FREE Will form. This form was created to fit people in the state of Texas.

Even though the form is free we will recommend that you get professional advice as to the fit of this form to your specific situation and how to complete it in a way that will reflect your wishes and best serve your family.

You can download our FREE Will form and use it with no cost for yourself and your family.

If you are an American Century client and would like to receive a copy of the Will form to your home please call us at (855) 966-1111 or email us at and we will send it to you.

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