We offer a number of different plans that will fit people in various ages, health conditions, and benefits payment preferences. Below is a short summary on each plan. Click on the plan name to get more information:

Whole Life 

Whole Life
This is a traditional whole life plan. It will provide you the best possible premium according to your health condition.

Cash Accumulator
A simple plan to allow you to accumulate cash to pay for final expense.

Limited Pay
This plan allows you to pay the premium over a shorter period of time and have a fully paid up plan in just few years. Premium can paid over 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, or in a single payment.

Term Life 

Life Term
A 5 year renewable term plan that will last until you reach the age of 90.
This plan is a great way to have a long term policy at a low premium. The plan is issued for ages 18-80.

10 Year Term 
Simple and low premium 10 year term plan . This plan is issued for ages 18-60.

20 Year Term 
Simple and low premium 20 year term plan. This plan is issued for ages 18-50.

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