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Below are some of the key features of any annuity policy:

To learn more about annuities you can visit the Texas Department of Insurance website.

Guaranteed Interest Rate

The interest you earn on the annuity is either fully guaranteed or has a minimum guaranteed rate that can increase over time.

When the interest rate is fully guaranteed (like in the immediate or deferred annuities) you will earn an interest on the annuity that will never change, even if the interest rate in the market changes.

When there is a minimum guaranteed interest rate (like in the Savings Annuity) the rate will never be lower than the guaranteed rate (3% per year in the case of the Savings Annuity) but may increase if the market conditions allow it.

Tax-Deferred Growth

In an annuity, the interest your earn is not taxed until the time you withdraw the funds from the annuity. That deferral of taxes allows your total annuity balance to grow faster compared to none tax-deferred with the same return.

Note: There are no tax advantages to purchasing a fixed annuity in IRAs, 401(k)s or other similar retirement savings vehicles.

Flexible Income Options

During the guarantee period, an investor has the option to take systematic withdrawals, usually limited to their interest. Investors have the option to start, stop and adjust their withdrawal amount, subject to certain limitations. An annuity’s income stream can also be guaranteed by the insurance company for as long as the investor lives.

Probate Avoidance

Annuity proceeds paid to the beneficiaries upon the investor’s death are excluded from probate on their estate.

Judgement Protection

In most states in the United States an annuity is protected from judgement. That means that the annuity balance cannot be used to pay the judgement against you.

Each annuity has different terms, payments options, and other limitations. Make sure you understand the annuity you purchase. If you have any questions, give us a call at (855) 966-1111.
Below is a description of the main terms of the Savings Annuity. Please note that these are not the complete and full annuity terms. Full description is included in the annuity policy.

Click here to view a sample of the Savings Annuity policy.

Flexible Deposits

This annuity allows you to deposit additional funds into the annuity at any time. If more funds become available to you they can always be added to the annuity and earn the same interest rate as the existing funds in the annuity.

The maximum total contributions to the account are $10,000. However, the account value can be higher due to the interest you earn on those funds.

Minimum Guaranteed Interest

You are guaranteed a minimum annual interest rate on your funds of 3%. As market conditions changes we may increase the rate, but it will never go below 3%.

No Withdrawal Charges

The Savings Annuity does not have early withdrawal charges. If you need all or part of the funds in the annuity, just complete the withdrawal form, send it to us by mail, fax, or email, and we will send you the payment you requested.

Although there are no withdrawal charges on the annuity, withdrawing fund from an annuity account may have tax consequences for you. We recommend that you discuss this with your tax advisor.

Annuitize and Receive Monthly Payments

At any point you can annuitize your account. That means that you start receiving monthly payments from your annuity. There are a number of options for the monthly payment that are described in your annuity policy.

Like with the free withdrawals, there may be tax consequences to you as a result of annuitizing your account. We recommend discussing with with your tax advisor.

When selecting the best annuity for you make sure you fully understand the term of each annuity. While annuities have many advantages, they may have early withdrawal fees and other restrictions.

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