Special Benefits


We know that there are many important aspects of your financial and health well being other than purchasing a life insurance policy. The special benefits below can help you achieve better health, save on prescription drugs and other medical expenses, and reduce final expense costs by more than 50%.

Free RX Discount Card
FREE to use Prescription Discount Card. You will get one with your policy and can print one directly from our website.

Celebration of Life Guide
This guide will help make sure that the people you love are remembered by their family and friends exactly the way they want to be remembered.

Memorial Merchandise Catalog
This catalog will help you save up to 80% on major memorial service items, such as caskets, monuments and flowers, and leave much more of the policy benefits for other uses. There is no commitment or upfront payment and the cost can be paid out of the policy benefits.

Mexico Transport Service
Service for clients who want to have their final resting place in their home country or state. The service will transport clients to the funeral home in Mexico they and their select. For locations other than Mexico please call us for a quote.

We continue to add new benefits to our clients and we suggest that you check this page periodically.

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