Memorial Merchandise Catalog


This catalog provides you the opportunity to reserve essential items for loved one’s memorial service at 50-80% less than buying retail at time of need, to be delivered to your selected destination when required.A reservation does not commit you to use this service at the time of need and does not require any payment at the time of the reservation. Before shipping any items, the service provider will contact you to confirm the reservation and make any changes.

This service is available only to American Century clients as long as premiums are paid on time and the policy is in force. Your reservation may be paid from the proceeds of your American Century policy (once the policy is not in contestable period)

The price of most caskets is only $1,495 (compared to $5,000-8,000 when buying retail at time of need). Urns are only $169 (compared to $400). Flowers are only $495 (compared to $900-1,200). Monuments are only $695 or $1,595 (compare to $1,500-3,500).

View the Memorial Merchandise Catalog

Advantages of Using the Catalog

By reserving items from this catalog you gain a number of benefits:

  1. You save up to 80% or $5,000 of the cost of a loved one’s memorial service by taking advantage of the heavily discounted prices American Century is making available to you. The prices in the catalog will not change at all until 2019. After that, the discount compared to buying retail at time of need will remain ensuring your savings and prices may change based on changes in the cost of the merchandise. Delivery costs are included in the price.
  2. Peace of mind – knowing you took care of an important part of your final expense at a large discount. In addition, you gain flexibility and can make any changes to your reservation in the future or even cancel it with no charge.

How the Make a Reservation

Print the Reservation Form. Then complete the company and the client copies and sign the company copy. Keep the client copy for your file and give the company copy to your agent who will enclose the reservation with your American Century life insurance application.

At the time a claim is filed with American Century, we  will notify the service provider. The provider will contact your family to coordinate delivery to the destination of your choice. At that point you can make any changes to your reservation .

If you already have a policy with American Century and would like to make a reservation to save on your memorial service merchandise – download the catalog, complete the reservation form, and send it to our office by mail or fax.

By Federal Law Funeral Homes MUST accept your casket and other items and NOT charge you any extra fees! If items are not accepted, the funeral home is subject to large fines.

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